As well as making food look beautiful, we understand and promote nutrition, do Recipe development and Food Concepts.


Having studied Nutrition extensively, Alex believes firmly that we can all eat great tasting, beautiful looking food – that is also good for us. ‘We are what we eat’.

Her own recipe concepts feature the use of Gluten Free ingredients, low-fat, sugar replacements and high-value nutrition – foods designed to feed the body as well as the soul.

Alex can prepare you a tailored diet plan to help with weight-loss, physical training and other special requirements.

Recipe Development

Working with manufacturers to develop recipes which feature their product in interesting and engaging ways, brings together years of experience and our wealth of knowledge about food.

As well as working with food scientists, cost controllers and shelf-life considerations, Alex specialises in taste combinations – and a thorough understanding about what looks great when photographed – wether for packaging, printed media, or as moving images on Television or video.

Concepts – Oat Cuisine

One of our favourite concepts is our Oat Cuisine venture. Oat Cuisine brings together the extensive use of savoury rice soups for breakfast across all parts of Asia, with a staple starch used in our own culture – Oats, a fantastic low-GI ingredient with a long history across Northern Europe. This concept has gained in popularity over the years we have been promoting it – there are now Savoury porridge cafes in the UK and America and our favourite chef Heston Blumenthal has a recipe of his own. It is variously described as Savoury Oats, Spicy porridge or Oatsotto. Have a look at our recipes, which we are adding to all the time.