In the process of renovating our home and converting a barn into our Tasty Bytes Studio, we did a lot of research for Tradesmen.. every trade from Chippies to Plumbers and Electricians, Plasterers, Gas fitters & Drainlayers. Always on the move, I did a lot of this from my iPhone – and came up against a problem. Many local Tradies don’t have a website – and those that do have old and ‘Unresponsive’ websites – which you can’t read properly on a smartphone.

In the last few years, websites have undergone a massive transformation as the bulk of global internet searches has gone ‘mobile’. Not only do old websites not perform properly on mobile devices, but Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines (through their ‘spiders’ that crawl the internet) can see this – and now overlook unresponsive old websites in Search results.

As the area we now live in North of Auckland is expecting incredible growth over the next decade or so, I had a mental image of hundreds of people like me, moving into the area and needing work done on their homes – all sitting in traffic on SH1, queuing to get past the roadworks and looking for Tradies on their iPhones.

I’d like them (particularly the Millionaires!) to find some of the great local tradesmen we have met and now call our friends.

So we’ve developed a special new website specially for Tradesmen, local businesses and any other small company that wants to be ‘found’ by prospective new customers and needs a Responsive Website to take full advantage of the internet and ‘Future-Proof’ their business.

TradieWebSite is based on the Evolve+ theme for WordPress and I have created a flexible template with it that I can produce a fully responsive, great looking website quickly and efficiently – and faster for me means cheaper for you! I have added some great plug-ins to create galleries, forms and Google Map options and there are literally hundreds of other options to upgrade to.

Have a look at the new TradieWebSite and call us for a chat. We just want to make you look good.