Selling Everything Online – the art of making your website discoverable when people Search your product or services.

About SEO

We understand how Search Engine Optimisation works and how to make the most of your online advertising opportunities and help your website rank higher than others.

We also know that Google handles over 90% of the internet searches worldwide – so we went to Google Partners Academy and learnt their system.

We are certified by Google in Search Engine Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Adwords Fundamentals.

How it works

Google have created an extraordinarily complex algorithm, which changes daily, to determine who gets to the top of the chain. Ensuring that your website gets to number one is an all-consuming, never ending process which relies on hundreds of factors.

The first of these is how your website appears – and wether it is set up properly to allow the Google ‘Bots’ to crawl around it, so it needs to be:

  • Well-written, using keywords appropriately – and not too many long words
  • Informative – explaining your products and services clearly without repetition
  • Responsive – more searches are done on mobile devices than desktops
  • Easy to navigate – so the overall layout makes sense
  • Use images – to illustrate the point and make it enjoyable to look at

As part of our Customised Website Design process, we do all the above.