TradieWebSite – a new website for small business

Following a number of conversations with local friends who are builders, small business owners & local providores, who would all like to have a website “but it just seems too hard..”, we have created a new website template for small local businesses to get them online – quickly, easily and affordably.
The TradieWebSites are Fully Responsive, so as well as working properly on mobile phones and tablet computers they are preferred by Google and Yahoo in their search results. As traditional websites don’t change to suit the device they are viewed on, Google no longer directs customers to them.. With the expected growth of our area and the number of people googling for trades and suppliers on their iPhones (while sitting in traffic!) – we think it’s going to be crucial for any local business who wants to encourage new customers to be online – and Responsive!!

Our Basic 5 page website is enough to tell people who you are, where you are and what you do – and show them your stuff. It looks like a full-blown website (because it is one) and comes with loads of options we can add for you, but now you can get a new website – with all the tricky work done for you – for only $499 (our Introductory Price).

Check out the TradieWebSite NOW!