Whenever we buy anything these days, from a hotel room to a product or a service, we all check the internet first.

In the process of renovating our home (and converting a barn as our Tasty Bytes office!) we did a lot of research for Tradesmen. Everyone from Chippies to Plumbers and Electricians, Plasterers and Gas fitters. Always on the move, I did a lot of this from our iPhones – and came up against a problem. Most of the websites Tradies have are ‘old’ – and in internet terms this means about 2-3 years old! In those short years, websites have undergone a transformation as the bulk of internet searches has gone ‘mobile’.

Not only do old websites not perform properly on mobile devices, but Google, Bing and Yahoo can tell this – and now don’t recommend any old websites in their search results.

So we’ve developed a special new website especially designed for Tradesmen, Artisan producers or any other small business that needs to be ‘found’ by prospective new customers and wants to ‘Future-Proof’ their business website.