Website Maintenance & Support Packages

We can provide ongoing management for your website – with regular BackUps, Updates, Upgrades and more. Help avoid the possibility of website downtime with one of our support packages, designed to keep you up to date and staying online.

Since WordPress was introduced in 2003 there have been around 30 significant updates. As well as adding new capability there are always security upgrades – in a world of malware and cyber-attack we are all mindful of the need to be vigilant about the impact of hacking and ransomware. Regular updates of software are designed to keep your site as safe as possible – and with each core WordPress upgrade, the thousands of plugins and software extensions we use alongside it need updating as well. Looking after a state-of-the-art website requires constant attention – regular updates and making sure you have recent backups to avoid the possibility of having to rebuild your website from scratch.

You can do this yourself, or we can do it for you. Select one of our packages below and let us look after your website on a regular basis – it could save you thousands.

Package Options


Updates & BackUp Only
  • Quarterly software updates
  • Quarterly WordPress Core Updates
  • Quarterly Theme & PlugIn Updates
  • Quarterly BackUp
  • Backup Storage optional (paid)


Full Regular Support
  • Constant website checks
  • WordPress updates & upgrades as released

  • Theme updates & upgrades as released
  • Plugin/Extension updates & upgrades as released
  • Weekly remote backups to our own server
  • Monthly Analytics report of site visits
  • 24 hour support
  • Free Website Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the white screen of death?

A white screen of death can mean that the files have vanished – there are no error messages because there is nothing there to even display an error message about. It’s a horror show – unless you have backups of the data which can be re-installed, restoring the website to it’s former glory.

How many updates are there?

Hundreds in a year. Whenever one major software – Apple, Microsoft, WordPress etc does an upgrade, everyone has to play catchup.

Plus, whenever new gizmos and softwares are launched – all our other softwares and devices need to be able to communicate with them. So our computers are forever learning new languages.

Out of date software not only means things stop working, it also affects their security settings – which can open doors to hackers, spammers and malware.

Putting your website (and your business) at risk.

Can’t you just set a website to auto-update?

Yes, we do set some to update automatically. But only for minor updates. With substantial upgrades what can happen is that a corrupted file, or an incomplete update – or some other ‘unmanaged’ event, can interrupt the smooth running of the website. At best it means something stops working, at worst one ‘corrupt’ file being automatically uploaded to a website, can (and has) effectively ‘broken’ the website completely. Not every plug-in is compatible with every version of every website theme. It needs to be managed and checked afterwards.

Can we do automatic server back-ups?

Yes – we can set the server to do automatic backups of a website at regular intervals – but these are stored in your database. One of our first website replacement experiences was when the database had been deleted – along with all the backup files. So we had to rebuild the whole website from scratch anyway.  Setting an auto-update is not the end of the job – you also need make sure that the backup’s are complete – it is perfectly possible for a website to not backup properly..

What's the worst that can happen?

Rebuilding the website from scratch – paying the same money again (or more) to build a brand new website. It does happen – we’ve had to do it.

As well as the cost of doing all that the work (again), depending on the size of your website and availability, it can take weeks.

Which in turn could do irreparable damage to your business.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, you can. This is not about being able to do it – it is about doing it. Our experience is that (in literally 9 cases out of 10) people don’t have time to do it, or simply forget.

If you sign up with us, you don’t need to worry about it again – not only will we look after it for you, we will be able to keep you updated about any foreseeable problems, things to be aware of or potential improvements.

A True Story

“..our website is just a white screen..

Their website had disappeared. Completely. No error messages, nothing.

Just what we call ‘The white screen of death’.

Turned out that a corrupted file in one of the plugin updates had broken it. Completely busted. Kaput. The web hosting company were “Very sorry” they said – “.. it happens. Do you have a backup?”

It had been a small technical problem, but had huge implications – and it happens more often than you’d think. And when it does, there is only 1 solution – to rebuild the website…

Luckily, we had arranged regular backups of that website on our own remote server, so we were able to upload it to the website host server – and by the end of the day their website was up and running again.

Saving them thousands of dollars.